The Book Science and Documentation Institute of the Faculty of Communication at Vilnius University and the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences is kindly inviting you to take part in the International Book Science Conference “The minority book: historical experiences and modern expressions in the global world”, which is planned for 24–25 September 2015 at Vilnius University. This will be the 25th Vilnius Book Science Conference and it will be organized together with the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP) and The Nordic-Baltic-Russian Network on the History of Books, Libraries and Reading, (HIBOLIRE). SHARP unites scholars of different disciplines conducting book studies and is a global network for book historians working in a broad range of scholarly disciplines. Based in the Baltic and Nordic states, HIBOLIRE is also a multinational and multidisciplinary network of book scholars  focussing on book history, reading history and library history.